Family owned and operated since 1983

Our facilities are nestled in the heart of Northeast Iowa, where the fertile soils provide an abundant growth of timber to meet the needs of our customers.
The majority of the logs we harvest come from within a 100 mile radius of our facilities.

Kendrick Forest Products takes pride in controlling the entire process from logs to lumber. KFP is a logging, sawmill, and dry kiln operation and saws over 17 million board feet annually.

Located in Edgewood, IA, Muscatine, IA and Vinton, IA KFP is close to many major highways.

KFP offers the highest quality veneer logs and has exported product to over 20 countries.

KFP proudly trains employees in LEAN manufacturing techniques, focusing on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

KFP has over 100 employees eager to provide the quality product required to help your business thrive.

Edgewood - 1991
Edgewood - 2023
Muscatine - 2023
Vinton - 2023