Standing Timbers

The owners and staff at Kendrick Forest Products have always kept customers and landowner satisfaction a priority. Caring for our renewable natural resources, while maintaining a reputation of honesty and integrity has enabled us to work with some of the same landowners for decades. Our logging crews are fully insured, trained by FISTA to safely fell trees, and are part of the caring staff of Kendrick Forest Products who pride themselves in making certain the harvest is completed to the landowner’s satisfaction. The staff at Kendrick will work with your management plan by selectively harvesting only mature trees, or by following a clear cutting schedule that has been established by your management plan. We will harvest your logs; haul them to our state of the art milling facility in Edgewood, and process them for some of the unique customers that we have obtained around the world. We believe, knowing what the customer wants and needs can provide the landowners with the best possible prices for their timbers. Working directly with the source mill ensures that your trees are harvested to the proper length and garners the highest return on your crop. Kendrick Forest Products will pay you for your timber in the manner that best suits your situation. Some of the ways are as follows:

• 100% paid up front at time of purchase
• A percentage down, determined by the landowner, at time of purchase and balance prior to cutting
• A percentage down, determined by the landowner, at time of purchase and balance paid weekly or monthly
• Grade and Yield, amount paid at time of cutting based on grade and yield.

Jim West

Timber Buyer
  • 563-419-1796