Industrial Products

Railway ties and pallet cants are hardwood products produced in the mill every day. Last year, KFP produced enough ties to install over 13 miles of new railroad tracks! The experienced mill staff typically produces 3-1/2" x 6" pallet cant, but able to dimension to other sizes upon request.


Kendrick's uses the bark, slabwood and edgings from the log to produce a shredded natural mulch. KFP offers natural or colored mulch in bulk or bagged. Red, black, brown and gold biodegradable colorant is added to provide the vibrant colors the landscape industry requires.

We have five different colors to choose from: Natural, Brown, Gold, Red, & Black.


Bark that falls from the log before sawing is scraped from the top of the log yard regularly and shredded . It is then mixed with green sawdust to create a nutrient rich compost. Kendrick’s compost is sold in bulk shipments, largely to area hog farmers to decompose dead stock.


Every part of the log must be used. KFP's green sawdust can be used as a component of bio-fuel, added to enrich compost, or used in farms for bedding. Kiln dried shavings from the planing and milling operation are excellent loads for bedding. Kiln dried shavings are light, fluffy, and very absorbant.